Welcome to My Journey

HI! I’m Melissa

Through twists, turns, and a few sprinkles of serendipity, life has taught me a thing or two. I don’t have it all figured out, and I won’t ever claim I do. Life is full of so many experiences and mine are surely different from yours. But every stumble, every laugh, every tear and every triumph has painted a canvas touched with vibrant hues of wisdom. My truest passion lies in shining a light of possibility, hope, and encouragement onto others. I like to say I believe in people before they even believe in themselves.

Each endeavor I’ve pursued, from Oh My Cupcakes! to Sweet Cream Candle Co. and Melissa J Creative is crafted with intention to create beautiful things that bring joy into the world. Whether you’re enjoying a delectable hand-crafted gourmet cupcake, the twinkling dance of a candle’s flame, or the profound power of the written and spoken word, my mission remains the same: to uplift (you and others!) and make the world a brighter, happier place.

“With purpose and intensity I race for my goal. I race, and yet mark out a steady and specific path to achieve my goal with integrity and diligence.  Allowing no distraction to divert me from my path, I turn my face and heart nearer towards Christ, for I know that He is the ultimate finish line.” 


A Little About Me

My roots trace back to broadcast media and communications. For well over a decade my voice echoed across various radio channels, engaging audiences and cultivating harmony with listeners and companies alike. I pivoted my on-air experience, retaining and cultivating my experience in marketing and promotions and have infused them into each venture since. Today I passionately merge my entrepreneurial spirit with my love of people, inspiring others as a keynote speaker, an experiential retreat facilitator, and a professional development trainer.

  • My first radio job was as Metal Melissa on the local hard rock station. From there, I went to a light and easy station. Kind of a transformation from “Metal Melissa” to “Minivan Melissa.”
  • I used to ride a red Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.
  • Growing up on a farm as a child, I had a cat named Tim who had only half a tail.
  • My favorite flower is the tulip.
  • My first job was working as an evening janitor at an animal vaccine production facility. I may or may not have ridden the buffer down the hallway a time or two.
  • I’ve known since I was five years old that I was going to be a writer when I grew up.
  • I picked my favorite football team “because I liked the color of their outfits.” (Ask me who my favorite team is!)
  • I used to be a school bus dispatcher for a small school district. Guess I got comfortable speaking in front of people by talking into a CB Radio.
  • I’d see almost any terrible movie if it meant I could have movie theater popcorn.


Melissa J Creative offers a dynamic trio of services: engaging Keynote Speaking & Training, introspective Journaling/Writing Workshops, and dedicated efforts in volunteerism, particularly in the areas of transforming childhood trauma awareness. Each service is crafted to empower, enlighten, and promote healing, reflecting my deep commitment to personal and community..


Keynote Speaking and Training




Transforming Childhood Trauma Awareness”

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