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Fingers In The Frosting

Part memoir and part how-to guide, Fingers in the Frosting is the story of Oh My Cupcakes! journey from tiny home-kitchen dream to brand-recognized, multimillion dollar gourmet cupcake company. How can you make a living by selling “just cupcakes” anyway? How do you know where to start…

Life Long Learner

You and I don’t know each other. And, since trust is something that is generally built over time and a series of interactions, we don’t have the luxury of a bond of trust. Throughout this book, I’m going to ask to borrow your trust: just for a little while, and just as much as you’re willing to lend me…

Sweet Cream Candle Company

Imperfect people making beautiful things.

 Since our candles are made by imperfect people and are hand poured in small, artisan batches, made from scratch means that no two candles are alike. I think perfection is for Jesus and maybe robots, so if you’re looking for perfection in your candle, a big box store might be a better fit.