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Desert Beauty: Journaling and Mindfulness Retreat

Cactus Ranch, Lake Havasu, AZ

Step into a space of calm and creativity at the Desert Beauty: Journaling and Mindfulness Retreat, hosted by Melissa J Creative at the idyllic Cactus Ranch, Lake Havasu, AZ, this October 25-29. This carefully crafted retreat is designed for those looking to pause, reflect, and find new inspiration in their lives. Set against the tranquil backdrop of Lake Havasu, it offers a blend of guided journaling sessions, mindfulness practices, and ample time for personal reflection. With a focus on authenticity and connection, you’ll leave feeling recentered and rejuvenated. Explore the retreat details to discover how this experience can become a pivotal moment in your journey. Spaces are limited, ensuring a personalized and intimate setting. Begin your path to mindfulness and clarity today.


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