Life Long Learner



You and I don’t know each other. And, since trust is something that is generally built over time and a series of interactions, we don’t have the luxury of a bond of trust. Throughout this book, I’m going to ask to borrow your trust: just for a little while, and just as much as you’re willing to lend me. In the expanse of these pages, I’m sharing some of the things I’ve absorbed over time through mentors and circumstances, and I’m challenging you to ask yourself some of the same questions I’ve considered. I won’t promise to have all the answers, but I can help you ask the right questions so you can discover the answers for yourself. 

From borrowed trust to rented thoughts to eventually, a certainty that comes from deep within, “Lifelong Learner: Reflections, Notes, Discoveries” explores what author Melissa Johnson has learned from the wisdom of others and what she has discovered about the world. From initial notes on Discovery, the author takes the reader through their own process of Learning and Growing to eventually, Knowing.