SUMMER Serenity

Vision, Reflection, & Relaxation Retreat at Grand Falls Casino Resort Hotel

Retreat with Us

Lifelong Learner: Reflections, Notes, Discoveries

Embark on a transformative journey amidst the lush landscapes of the Grand Falls Casino Resort Hotel. This retreat isn’t just an event; it’s an empowering experience that equips you to craft a vision for your future. Engage in guided journaling sessions, mindfulness meditation, and create a personalized vision board to manifest your aspirations.


.Summer Serenity Retreat

Unfold layers of self-discovery with our enriching retreat, carefully crafted to inspire and rejuvenate.


Engaging Activities

From reflective journaling workshops to creative vision board crafting, every activity is designed to nourish your soul.


Support & Connection

Experience a close-knit atmosphere with personalized attention, ensuring a safe and intimate setting for deep connection.

Stay at Grand Falls

Indulge in optional spa treatments, lounge by the pool, or enjoy a round of golf—extend your retreat into a full day of relaxation. Contact us at (712) 777-7782 to book spa services.

Make it Yours

Tailored Just for You

With limited spots for an intimate group setting, this retreat offers the perfect blend of structured activities and free time for personal reflection. Whether it’s through group sessions or solo moments of peace, you’ll find your path to inner serenity.

Let’s Do This

Your all-inclusive retreat package is $297. Materials, nourishment, and expert-led sessions are all covered. Secure your place with a $100 deposit and prepare to embrace a day of summer refreshment. For an overnight stay at a special rate, inquire about room bookings on July 15th, 16th, 22nd, or 23rd.

To reserve your retreat experience, email with the subject line ‘Summer Serenity’. Embrace this opportunity to invest in your well-being.