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    Fueled by a desire to spread the message of empowerment that comes from personal choices and attitudes, Melissa Johnson is a writer who travels and a traveler who writes. Melissa is a mother of four, a business owner and an eternal optimist. She speaks to school districts, corporations, non-profits and civic organizations about living life with passion and purpose.


    Her background lies in media and communications and she is blessed to deliver keynotes and workshops on business and women’s empowerment, and on positive leadership for the Jon Gordon Companies. Melissa engages her audiences with authenticity, proven leadership strategies, inspiring personal stories and laid-back humor. She considers determination, a relentless desire to serve others, and unshakable optimism among her greatest gifts.


    "I simply want to leave this world a better place than it was when I got here. I have a lot of work to do before I go."

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  • Melissa's Book now available!

    Fingers In the Frosting

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    Melissa's Book Now Available!

    Fingers In the Frosting: God's Hand on the Creation of Oh My Cupcakes!

    Melissa's first book, Fingers In the Frosting, is now available! Part memoir and storytelling and part how-to guide, Fingers In the Frosting is the story of Oh My Cupcakes! journey from tiny home-kitchen dream to brand-recognized multimillion dollar gourmet cupcake business. How in the world can you make a living by selling "just cupcakes"? How do you know where to start? Encouragement and humor are found inside along with a guided plan to help you launch your dream in the same way Melissa did. Learn the essential tools for building a dream or business of your own and the things Melissa says you must know to be successful no matter what kind of entrepreneurial idea you have. You ready for the journey? Let's go!


    You may purchase her book here!

    Also on Amazon.

    Workshops and Keynotes

    Empowerment and Purpose
    What on earth are you doing on this earth? What's your reason for being planted on this planet? In her talks on Empowerment and Purpose, Melissa shares her own life's purpose and how she arrived at knowing what it was for sure. Her workshop will take you through the steps to discovering your life's grand design and living it out.
    You don't have to leave a job or wait until you situation changes to begin breathing your purpose. Learn how to live your purpose whenever and wherever you are to fulfill your highest calling today.
    Memoir Writing Workshop
    "Tell your story." These are the words that have been hanging on Melissa's vision board for 10 years. As she writes each day, she tells more and more; bits of her life's story.
    Taking what she's learned in writing workshops she's attended and assembling the "best of the best" advice, Melissa shares what she's learned on how to start a daily practice of writing, how to create "characters" from those in your daily life, and how to tell your story.
     Everyone's got a story worth sharing with the world. You do, too.
    Leading with Heart
    My old morning show partner once said to me, "You know what your problem is? You just care too much." He may have been right at the time, but today our world is starving for people who care too much. Starving for leaders who lead authenticity, with care, with heart.
    Do you think vulnerability = weakness? This workshop will challenge that notion and cause you to think differently of your own vulnerability and that of others.

    On BeinPositive

    We cannot control the events that happen to us, but we can control our attitudes, thoughts, and choices. Melissa shares her personal story of overcoming as well as inspiring stories from others she has encountered along her journey.
    If you need proven strategies for staying positive in challenging times, the Power of the Positive is an uplifting talk that will leave your team energized and ready to face whatever's ahead.
    Empowerment and Healing for Teens and Women
    Melissa is passionate about helping teens and women reach their full potential. Sometimes healing past trauma or abuse is a key component to reaching the fullness of all that we are meant to become.
    Melissa shares her personal struggle and story as well as her path to healing. Through her healing journey you will understand why she so passionately encourages confidence, empowerment and self-worth among the teens and women in her circle of influence.
    Workshops incorporate art journaling and interactive healing avenues.

    Bring Melissa to Your Event

    For booking information, email here.
    Bring Melissa to your next corporate retreat, teambuilding meeting, women's weekend or worship service.
    For information on booking an event through the Jon Gordon Companies, email Brooke at the Jon Gordon Companies.
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    A sneak peek into the life of Melissa.

    A sneak peek into the life of Melissa.
    We had a lot of fun shooting this book promo with Mud Mile Communications!
    A sneak peek into the life of Melissa.
    A sneak peek into the life of Melissa.
    A sneak peek into the life of Melissa.
    A little about who I am and what I aspire to be about. I'm not where I want to be, I've not arrived. But today I am more than I was yesterday. Tomorrow I'll be better than I am today. 
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