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  • Desert Beauty: Journaling and Mindfulness Retreat | Cactus Ranch, Lake Havasu, AZ



  • Fingers In The Frosting


    Part memoir and part how-to guide, Fingers in the Frosting is the story of Oh My Cupcakes! journey from tiny home-kitchen dream to brand-recognized, multimillion dollar gourmet cupcake company. How can you make a living by selling “just cupcakes” anyway? How do you know where to start? Encouragement and humor are found inside, along with…

  • Life Long Learner


    You and I don’t know each other. And, since trust is something that is generally built over time and a series of interactions, we don’t have the luxury of a bond of trust. Throughout this book, I’m going to ask to borrow your trust: just for a little while, and just as much as you’re…

  • Participants journaling amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Sedona's red rock landscapes during the Soulwrite Retreat with Melissa J Creative.

    Sedona Soulwrite Retreat: A Journey Within with Melissa J Creative


    Embark on a 4-day transformative retreat with Melissa J in the heart of Sedona. Dive deep into reflective journaling, experience the city’s mystical energy, and rejuvenate at Los Abrigados Resort and Spa. Personalize your journey; it’s all about connecting with your inner self.

    Note: Airfare and hotel accommodations are not included in retreat pricing

  • Summer Serenity Experience – A Day For You


    The Summer Serenity retreat at Grand Falls Casino Resort Hotel is a half-day event dedicated to mindfulness, reflection, and relaxation. It includes a welcome breakfast, mindfulness meditation, guided journaling, vision board creation, and a light lunch. Participants will have the opportunity to indulge in additional spa services, connect with friends, and enjoy leisure activities such…